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Agios Konstantinos


As every church, A g i o s   K o n s t a n t i n o s   is a place of gathering for believers.


Its a r c h i t e c t u r a    s t y l e is Basilic and it is made in a shape of cross. It was built on 1888 upon the ruins of a Christian catacomb, used since 1644.


Outside the church there is a b e l l   t o w e r which symbolizes the lighthouse of Orthodoxy and the sound of its bell invites believers to the house of God.


The inside is constituted by 3 parts

1.       n a r t h i k a s, which is the anteroom of the church

2.     the m a i n l y  p a r t, which is the biggest part of the temple

3.     the s a n c t u a r y, which symbolizes Paradise. There is where the holy service takes place.


The orthodox church is a model of the universe:

1.       the one we can see

(earth is symbolized by the ground)

2.     and the one we cannot see

(believers, entering the church, leave anything about the earth life behind and they  enter into a spiritual world).

The church is based on twelve columns and there are many arches.


 A m v o n a s is used by important persons of church who want to speak to believers.

There is also a t h r o n e about the Âishop.

 G i r a n d  o l e s symbolize the stars. 


The i c o n o s t a s i s of the church is made of wood and plaster in Constantinople, but it looks like marble.

It is decorated by i c o n s in a style used in Renaissance. The byzantine icons are more ascetic and there are at the back part of the church. 




Amongst all the icons, there are always the following four:

On the left side of the sanctuary, we can always see the icon of the saint the church is devoted for and the icon of Virgin Mary.

On the right of the sanctuary we can always see the icons of Christ and John the Baptist.


Up and backwards in the temple, there is a place made for women. In old times, women could attend everything only from up there.

C o m m u n i o n is the most important mystery of Orthodox Church. The wine in the cup symbolizes the blood of Christ and the holy bread symbolizes the body of Christ.

The day we visited Agios Konstantine, a mystery about the souls of dead people was taking place in the church.

The food in the bowls is boiled wheat with nuts, decorated with sugar and it is specially made for this mystery.


 (Created by: Antony katsouli

photo by Jasmene Kalareta)







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