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COMENIUS in Sanlurfa , pictures from our trip in Turkey
Çigh school of Eressos wants to expresses his  deepest sadness, in our partners from Poland and in  all Polish population for the accident with the plane of Polish Chairman  Lech  Katsinski and the answer

Thanks again, it's important for all of us - Poles to feel the support of almost all world. Still sad, lost, trully speechless... All I do is thinking about life and death... I can't laugh today» Kasiol Olczak 

« Thank you very much for your words. It is very important for me that you are thinking about us in this tragical moments. Today in school we have a commemorative meeting, it was very difficult for me, because I had to speak to students and I have tears in eyes...»

 headmaster Anna Wójcik


COMENIUS create a detective short story, which will take place in the middle Ages.
COMENIUS visit Romania
Christmas in Greece
Church Agios Konstantinos
COMENIUS visit  France, logo competition, dvd introduce my place and my school
Do you know the myth around Sappho's death? Click here to find out.
 Photos of flowers and nature in Eressos.
View panoramic photos of Eressos Village & Skala Eresou.
 The eTwinning students of our school intoduce Eressos.
Recycling. Throughout the year students collect old PCs, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper and electrical appliances.  Now is the time to give them away for recycling.

 The eTwinning group of our school took part in the Postcard competition about our eTwinning experience.  All postcards were presented in an exhibition during a conference on the Lifelong Learning Programme in Prague on 6-7 May 2009.

Our postcard is created by Karolina Sifis, who attends A’ Class.

 The eTwinning group has created its first blog where students can exchange information about their  daily lives.  This is part of the eTwinning project with Eltville Gymnasium,
 on ‘Teenage Life in Europe’.

Results of the 15th Pan-Hellenic Student Art Contest in the North Aegean, 2009.
The Theater Group of our school performed 'Helen' of Euripides and won the 4th prize. 
Congratulations to the students and teachers that took part in the contest!

Click here for pictures.






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